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Lead Time (Days)

  Items             Sample High Volume
  Single Sided PCB 1-3 4-7
  Double Sided PCB 2-5 7-10
  Multi-layer PCB 7-8 10-15
  PCB Making & Assembly   8-15 15-20

PCB Prototype Services

PCB Prototype Services

PCB Prototype and low volume PCB Assembly is our specialty. We accept bulk, small cut tapes & loose parts. By our unique designed assembly process, we are able to provide flexible service, affordable price and fast shipping.
PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing

Our products include single-side, double –side board, multilayer boards (1-20 layers), High-density multilayer PCBs and Aluminum based PCB. Flex board and Rogers, CEM-1, CEM-3.FR4, halogen –free and PTFE, etc
PCB Assembly & SMT

PCB Assembly & SMT

We offer Printed Circuit Board Assembly and complete solutions. We provide our client with electronic and mechanical assemblies built to client specifications at the lowest cost while maintaining the highest product quality.
Components Procurement

Components Procurement

Timely and efficient delivery of parts is fundamental to achieving a smooth production schedule and meeting our customer's expectations. We deliver reliable supply chain solutions with strategic well established supply partners.

About Company Profile


best Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2004. Our PCB factory “LinghangDa Technology’s” boasts a 50,000+ square meters facility, with a monthly capacity reaching over 20,000 square meters. more than 500 staffs, The initial investement is 18 million US$. Our products range from Rigid PCB (2 to 32 layers), Flexible, Rigid-Flex, HDI, Heavy Copper and Metal core PCB etc.


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