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PCB Servicio Asamblea

FS Technology is a full-service contract electronics manufacturing company which offers complete solutions for Printed Circuit Board Assembly.Our experienced technical staff can manage all aspects from procurement, to staging, warehousing, distribution and shipping.Our mission is to provide our client with electronic and mechanical assemblies built to client specifications at the lowest cost while maintaining the highest product quality.

We can offer you:

  • 1.Fast turn around prototyping
  • 2.Surface Mount Assembly
  • 3.Lead-Free Capability
  • 4.BGA SMT placement
  • 5.Conventional thru-hole’& mixed technologies PCB assembly (Component sequencers, Axial lead inserting, DIP sequence inserting (DIP) system )
  • 6. Function verification and system testing
  • 7.Specialists in prototype / Small / Medium volumes
  • 8.turn key service (components procument, production, production Quality assurance, logistics)
  • 9.Box Build & System Intergration
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